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Mr Othman Khalil El Alamy

Othman Khalil El Alamy

 Secretary  General

A lawyer by training, Mr. El Alamy spent most of his career in the Directorate of Insurance and Social Welfare (DAPS) under the Ministry of Economy and Finance, which he joined in 1983 as a staff member in the Legal Studies and International Relations Department.

Mr. EL ALAMY subsequently held several positions of responsibility within DAPS, namely Head of the Miscellaneous Risks Department (1996-1999), Head of the Insurance Intermediaries’ Supervisory Division (1999-2011). ), Deputy Director of Corporate and Insurance Intermediaries Supervision (2011-2015) and thereafter, Deputy Director in charge of Market Organization.

With the transformation, which began in February 2016, of DAPS into an independent Supervisory Authority (Supervisory Authority for Insurance and Social Security – ACAPS), Mr. EL ALAMY, has held the position of Director of “Protection of Policyholders” and served as Acting General Secretary before being confirmed to his current post in May 2017.